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Announcing Fake Name Generator Premium

February 10th, 2016

Today we are excited to announce Fake Name Generator Premium!

For only $1.99/year you get all of these benefits:

  • No ads! We’ll remove all the ads from every page on Fake Name Generator.
  • You’ll use our secure https URL to keep your browsing private and to get around filters.
  • We’ll remove the analytics code so you can use our site without being tracked.
  • We’ll remove the sharing buttons to make your pages load even faster.
  • We’ll double the number of names you can get in a free bulk order. Get up to 100,000 names at a time.
  • We’ll remove the captcha for free bulk orders.

To get started, visit our Premium page.

Age added to bulk orders

February 4th, 2016

You can now get the identities age as a separate field in bulk orders at Fake Name Generator. Enjoy!

South Africa national ID numbers added

January 7th, 2016

We’ve added South Africa national ID numbers to the Fake Name Generator.

Iceland telephone country code fixed

August 10th, 2015

A visitor pointed out that we had the wrong country code for Iceland. Oops, sorry! This has been fixed.

Bulk orders fixed

May 31st, 2015

We had a problem that was preventing bulk orders from being accepted. This issue has been corrected.

Bulk order CSV orders corrected

May 19th, 2015

We’ve fixed a bug with bulk CSV orders that was causing data to be malformed when the browser user agent was included in the bulk order.

Excel added as a bulk order option

May 16th, 2015

We’ve added Excel as an output format for the free bulk order tool at the Fake Name Generator.

New cars added for 2014 and 2015

May 14th, 2015

We’ve added several hundred makes and models of cars for the 2014 and 2015 model years. View them now on the Fake Name Generator.

Browser user agents added

May 13th, 2015

We’ve added browser user agent strings to the Fake Name Generator.

French social security numbers added

May 12th, 2015

We’ve added French social security numbers (NRPP) to the Fake Name Generator.