Les références dans la presse

Le Fake Name Generator a été mentionné dans les nouvelles, y compris dans des livres, et référencé sur des sites Web à travers le monde. Nous avons également inclus des extraits de ces références dans la presse ci-dessous.


Hitman: Absolution

The names of Some of the sidekick characters in Hitman: Absolution came from the Fake Name Generator


Cyber Crime Fighters: Tales from the Trenches by Felicia Donovan, Kristyn Bernier

"The [Fake Name Generator] not only provides fake names, but fake addresses, social security numbers, credit card accounts, and so forth."

Rule the Web by Mark Frauenfelder

"Let's say that you need a fake identity so you can rip a blogger. Or, you're from another country and the stupid web site won't let you sign up for an account. Or, you want to avoid giving out personal information at a site. Then Fake Name Generator helps you create a fake identity including phone numbers and credit cards." --Guy Kawasaki, Huffington Post

Pentaho Solutions: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with Pentaho and MySQL

The authors of this book used the Fake Name Generator to provide sample databases with realistic data.



With over 6 million subscribers and millions of video views, Vsauce is an incredibly popular YouTube channel. Vsauce came up with their name by using the Fake Name Generator to find interesting and available domain names.

Source: MAKE YOUR CAT A DJ -- and more! LÜT #18 by Vsauce

Writer's Digest: Should You Use a Pseudonym, Cool Fake Name Generator & Free WD Subscription

"If you picked a pseudonym, would it be based on something in your life or completely random? If you like completely random, you’ll love this Fake Name Generator site. From pseudonyms to vampire names to evil names and more, this site is a lot of fun and will keep you entertained when you need a break." --Brian Klems, Writer's Digest

GalleyCat: Fake Name Generator for Writers

"Having troubles building minor characters in your National Novel Writing Month manuscript? Try the Fake Name Generator!

"You can quickly sketch a new character from scratch with this handy tool. The Fake Name Generator will create a name for you, giving you lots of bonus information for fictional characters: birthday, age, profession, height, weight and even blood type." --Jason Boog, GalleyCat

Lifehacker: Become the next Jason Bourne with the Fake Name Generator

"The Fake Name Generator creates entire fake identities including name, address, email, phone number, birthday, mother's maiden name, credit card, and SSN. You can even customize your character's sex and name origin (nationality). The Fake Name Generator can be useful in a plethora of situations described in the FNG FAQ." --Kyle Pott, Lifehacker