Announcing Fake Name Generator Premium

Today we are excited to announce Fake Name Generator Premium!

For only $1.99/year you get all of these benefits:

  • No ads! We’ll remove all the ads from every page on Fake Name Generator.
  • You’ll use our secure https URL to keep your browsing private and to get around filters.
  • We’ll remove the analytics code so you can use our site without being tracked.
  • We’ll remove the sharing buttons to make your pages load even faster.
  • We’ll double the number of names you can get in a free bulk order. Get up to 100,000 names at a time.
  • We’ll remove the captcha for free bulk orders.

To get started, visit our Premium page.

3 Responses to “Announcing Fake Name Generator Premium”

  1. I can't generate one! says:

    EVERY PAGE redirects to premium.

    • Jacob says:

      Every HTTPS page directs to the premium signup page, because HTTPS is only for premium subscribers.

      Go to the non-HTTPS site or click the “Return to the ad-supported Fake Name Generator” link at the bottom of the premium signup page to return to the normal, ad-supported Fake Name Generator.

  2. anas_al qudseh says: